Wednesday, 16 August 2017

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 429

Well, I'm back from a fab fun and lovely stay in Welsh Wales with Jan. I went last Wednesday morning, so I haven't done much at my desk at all. I don't care!
The penguins that look like badgers are to be cut out and mounted onto silver cards, just like the finished one you can see. That's about my limit for making multiples. I like the image though, so there will be variations, I don't doubt! There's a couple of cut out sausage dog images just visible above the orange highlighter pen. There's nothing wrong with them, so they will be made into cards. I stamped and coloured them as potential images for a workshop card, but coloured a few images in different ways before I settled for another. Do you like the snowflake border die? I do, very much. Bizarre isn't it, in August. And talking of bizarre....

Here's my lovely Jan, wandering lonely as a cloud....the tide was out and the brooding clouds made us feel very small on this magnificent beach. And then the clouds blew away, the sun came out and we forgot about being poetic and insignificant in the face of nature and had another great chatty, walky, fun afternoon. Proof if you need it, that we did at least walk off the cocktails!

I'm sorry for the longer post, I had to brag about seeing Jan. Now, please show us your desks and tell us what you're up to - we're waiting to see. Link here please, with WOYWW in your blog title. Don't forget there's a new logo in the margin or a couple of posts back if you'd like it.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 427

Yes! It's got cards and stamps and sticky and work-in-progress type stuff on it! Hurrah!
The light isn't terrific this morning, but at least there's visible proof that I haven't been in procrastination mode all week! You can just see a few strips of shiny bobbly background on the white cards. I made them with the bubble wrap and Pixie Powders and a water spritzer. One of you lovely Deskers had been doing it, and I needed to copy. If only to prove that the Pixie Powders aren't the messiest, most uncontrollable and therefore most hateful product I've tried this year. This technique does offer redemption, I must say! There's penguins, waiting for their glitter pom-poms to dry. And no, that's not a euphemism. There's the ATG gun thingy with the tape broken, about 100 feet from the end of the reel. Really annoying. Mr Dunnit's patience will be required for that. It saves broken tape gun, broken window, hysteria, tears and snot, see.
So there y'are, y'all. I will be visiting from foreign shores. Well, shore. I'm going to stay with LLJ for a few days and so we might well be commenting in tandem!
Have a great Wednesday. After you've recovered from the shock of my productivity, share yours too - link your blog post here, and PLEASE put WOYWW in the title!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 426

The staged one....where I actually clear up and show the packets of stamps that you've seen in a clump resting on my iPad deckchair thingy! Staged also because I took the photo yesterday afternoon - I'm up and at it and away early today so don't want to have to encounter publishing problems (which always occur when I'm in a hurry...!)
I don't actually know that the stamps are very much easier to see than last week, but I've tried! Amazing to think that minutes before, and again not long after this shot, it was dark and raining - 'sunny with showers' the forecasters cheerily describe it. Urgh.
So, you can see the stamps are all from Woodware....(I think I'm fangirling Francoise!). One of the reasons they are like that is because I was doing the thinkventory thing. Arrange them in front of me and let them talk to me. Inspiring me for Christmas stuff in the summer requires a lot of rubbery wordsmithing from them I can tell you!
The little striped bag is the only new thing this week, it contain 3 buttons in a turquoise, shell like material. For my scrapbook. Of the American holiday. Sometime.
Show and share then, gentle desker! Oh and...there's a new logo (see previous post) if you're interested.
Cool. See you online!

Monday, 31 July 2017

Housekeeping... a new logo!

You may have the WOYWW logo and link in your sidebar. If you have, thank you! Regretfully, you now have a picture from Photobucket telling you that hosting of the image has expired. Sorry about that, it's not very pretty and I was hoping to beat them to it. Epic fail!
WOYWWers, Deskers, gentle reader...there is a new WOYW logo!

 My Creative Director (Sissy Stephanie) told me that the original logo was old and out of date in style, so she whipped up a couple of others to choose from! And because things have moved on so far, I don't think it will need a hosting service if you want to add it to your sidebar as a link. First, copy this image to your computer. Or save it...whatever you have to do.
On Blogger, go into the dashboard, select Layout and then select 'Add a Gadget'. It will pop up a menu full of gadgets you can add, so at this point, don't get carried away.Go to 'Image' and click the + sign at right end of the box. This throws up another page into which you type the URL for this blog - - and then add the picture. Click the 'shrink to fit ' option box too. It should load and take it's place in your side bar. Don't forget to delete the gadget with the out of date (Photobucket) logo!
Of course, there's no rule that says you have to have the logo on your blog, or indeed if you have the logo, you don't have to make it a link. Whatever works for you. Either way, you have to admire my Creative Director's forwardness in telling me how out of date I am. Again. It reminded me of a one sided discussion about my pearly pink lipstick a few years ago.....

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Take Note...

At about this time of year, I treat myself to a new notebook. It's usually quite slim and will eventually contain my Christmas lists. Slim so that I can carry it in a handbag whilst shopping, and lists - of course- because my memory is not up to the job of keeping catalogue of who's getting what!

This year, I have no need to purchase. The lovely Kathy showered me with journal/notebooks as a gift when we met in the States last month. (Last's slipping away from me already!) And I've started using reminds me of Kathy, our meeting, the sunshine, the Native American vibe that runs through so much of our trip - oh everything!

Kathy is a Sheena Douglas fan ( like so many of us), and has used her faux leather technique to cover these books. Aren't they amazing. And truly, even when handling them, there's little concept of their being card, especially as each cover has a beautiful inside to enjoy too.

I'll be honest and admit that I was embarrassed by Kathy's generosity and promised to share the bounty. Sissy Stephanie had first choice, and as you may know, I sent one on Kathy's behalf to Shaz in Oz (THIS post, if you'd like to see it)

So that means there's still more sharing to do! If you'd like to be in with a chance of owning one of these hand stitched treasures, please comment to that effect. If there are more than two, we'll do a random drawing. I think it will make Kathy blush to see that I'm carrying through my 'threat' to share her skill, but really, these do deserve to be loved and used don't you agree!

The real beauty for me is in the using. A gifted notebook in which to write notes about gifting. Perfect circularism. Or something. Thank you again, Kathy!

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 425

Well there's an improvement! I cleared up yesterday and will be tinkering with card making as and when I can get to it. Hurrah! That lovely black and white file is a ring binder with plastic pockets with magnetic sheets. It's full of my dies. It's not completely full, but crikey, it's heavy! As you can see, I was cutting out some leaping reindeer. Jut to try the die out really. Not feeling the whole Christmas card thing to be honest! The splattering of pens was caused by having a need for one colour and a too full pencil case! But that's OK, they'll all be wedged back in shortly, and that will make the desk look considerably tidy!
Share share share, am in need of looking...will take you with me today, more appointments and waiting is the forecast!

Saturday, 22 July 2017


It seems to have been a while since I posted anything that I've made. I talk a lot about what I'm going to do.....!
Before we went to visit her, my sister was excited to tell me that her friends had already extended invitations to us for food and coffees and warm, friendly socialising. I decided a few hostess presents were necessary. Well of course, I left it quite late! I did have a lot of fun using up some scraps and trying to come up with a few ideas to encompass a few occasions!
Stickers on white card, cut out. Words from an embossing folder by Cuttlebug, I think.  It's quite old now, but I use it a lot, so in terms of purchase value, it's been a great one! 

Same again, stickers and blah blah
This is the inside of both the sticker-made cards.

I used but 'doctored' the text that came with this lovely fox from Francoise for Woodware.  This ended up as a workshop card too, I liked the red fox!

These graphic florals are by Woodware too. You can see there are subtle differences in mounting and more obvious differences in the colouring. These actually illustrate very well the sort of trials I make before I end up with a card I'm happy with for a workshop. In this case, the card that won as a workshop sample was mounted on yellow and all the flowers were coloured in yellow. I think they look more striking in a single colour. Not what Mother Nature would say, for sure!

These are pretty basic cards, all die cut, so not a lot of brain work involved, but the paper by Kaisercraft is incredibly pretty if you ask me. The green strip across them is the reverse of the floral paper, so very good use of a big old scrap!
I'm going to keep trying this process. Very often I make a couple of card fronts (I nearly always make a front rather than working on the card's cheaper to throw away and than a pre-scored card. And it keeps my card-to-envelope tally pretty even!